Hey Guys, so I’ve decided to change this format up a bit and basically simplify it. Here’s what’s going on in the market this past week In Grand Traverse County.


Off Water Homes

317 Active Listings

Values are up 9.2%

Market activity is down 4.5%

Average days on market is 89 days

3.4 months inventory

Summary: Inventory is up a bit finally but still very slim! I think activity is down due to everyone leaving town for spring break, this will change.


On Water Homes


91 Active listings

Values are up 12.7%

Market activity is down 15%

6.4 months inventory

Summary: On water is in a healthier market than off water due to the amount of inventory. As summer approaches this will likely shift as a fair amount of people buy these homes up since summer is approaching.


Please let me know if you have any questions I’m happy to show you how this effects you as a buyer or seller in the current market. Thanks for reading